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Our Farming Practices

At Seventh Zen we pride ourselves on being part of the same North Carolina farming community for over 200 years. Located in southeastern North Carolina, where the sandhills meet the coastal plain, our land provides the ideal conditions for a long growing season that allows us to maximize growth and produce cannabidiol-rich hemp. We bring together our backgrounds in environmental science, ecology and organic urban farming, and marry them with our knowledge of cutting-edge technology to transform how we grow and cultivate environmentally friendly hemp products.

With the last frost in late March, we prepare our fields early, routinely testing our water and soil to ensure we are creating the purest products. Our focus on sustainable agriculture led us to integrate cutting-edge technologies into our farming practices, allowing us to maximize yields while reducing waste and saving energy. We leverage automated subsurface drip irrigation coupled with moisture and weather sensors to reduce the water and nutrients our hemp needs and to ensure we are not wasting resources when mother nature will provide. We are also using different imagery collection and algorithm platforms to better understand our crop’s needs, allowing us to make slight modifications to our irrigation and fertilizer plans on a day-to-day basis.

To grow the highest quality hemp, we start by using a BaOX variety known for consistently producing cannabinoid rich flowers. Working with commercial and academic experts, we developed an organic growing method specific for our climate and soils that allows us to ensure our products are always pesticide-free. Come October, our crop is ready to harvest, drying in custom built facilities that ensure there are no harmful microbes or fungus on our plants when they begin the extraction process before being turned into our products.

The hemp industry is exploding, and as seventh generation farmers we are excited to be a part of the revolution transforming America’s agricultural landscape. It is an honor to be able to carry on our family’s agricultural heritage, while directly improving the wellness of the ones we love the most.

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